Hair extensions: A Guide

12 Jan

Hair extensions are sometimes known as artificial hair. Hair weaves is also another name for hair extensions. Extensions of hair are usually clipping it on to the natural hair through the integration of additional hair. The supplemental is typically synthetic or human hair. When using natural hair as the extension, one can blow dry it, perm, dye, and even flat iron it. On the other hand, synthetic hair does not have such qualities. There are different methods used to incorporate hair extensions into other hair. The methods include clip-in, clip-on, tape in, fusion method, wigs and weaving method.

Hair extensions are artificial or human hair used for the addition of the natural hair of an individual. People use hair extensions because they want to change their appearance for a long or a shorter period. Extensions are added to further one's natural hair or sometimes to adequately cover the natural hair of an individual with plastic pieces. Addition of synthetic or natural hair to one's hair helps in increasing its length and volume. However, these Super Hair Factory hair extensions might cause hair loss mostly above the ears or along the anterior hairline. Loss of hair comes along after using a particular hairstyle for a more extended period such as weaves.

Different people prefer different installation methods. The tape-in installation method of extensions last for a month or two, and one can gently comb the hair and still wash while the expansion is still on. All extensions need treated. There are specific shampoos that people use for extension treatment including styling products and conditioners. These products are used to ensure the extensions are always in a good and fresh condition. When ready to remove the Super Hair Factory hair extensions, one can use glue remover and installed through the use of glue tape or liquid adhesive.

Clip -on or clip-in hair extensions are used to add volume and length to one's natural hair. Clip-on extensions come in long strands that can be divided to bring about separate layers. The extensions come with clips that individuals sewn into the hair. After one clips the extension to the hair, they should visit a saloon to help in bringing the natural look. They don't use glue to stick the clips and so does not cause hair loss as compared to the tape-in method. Another installation method is bonding. Bonding extensions do not last long as compared to the above two. However, this technique is used mostly to help protect the loss of one's natural hair. Visit this website at for more info about hair extensions.

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